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Trainers at FORZE work independently and have their own unique training styles. Our trainers have a variety of backgrounds and specialties. They are eager to help you reach your goals in and out of the gym!

If you're interested in working with a trainer, feel free to contact them directly or call the gym to get connected! 

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Howard Hammen

Small Group & 1:1 Coaching

‭(443) 925-4211‬

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Keri Flores

Small Group & 1:1 Training

Dynamic Body Fitness


Joe Maese

Strength & Conditioning - Fat Loss

​Nutrition & Custom Meal Plans

NPC/IFBB Contest Prep (5 IFBB Pro Winners)

59 Athletics 

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Aaron Carroll

1:1 Training & Boxing

Adrenalion Athletics


Jeff Kryglik

1:1 Training & Strongman Coaching

Deep Blue Training            (443) 909-0249

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Marcus Anderson

1:1 Training

Motivated Fitness     ‭(443) 850-0686‬

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Chuck Tawney

1:1 Training, Small Group & Classes

‭Project Evolve           (443) 465-6917


Russell E Jones

Small Group & 1:1 Training

Tribal Collective Fitness


Joe Santiago

Santiago Strong Boxing

USA Boxing Certified Coach  |   1:1 training



Derrick Rivers

Small Group & 1:1 Training

No Limit Training    (443) 617-7520‬


Tyler Huckestein

1:1 Training

TyHuck Aesthetics     ‭(443) 844-4103‬

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Shane Greer

1:1 Training & Small Group


Olivia Beard

1:1 Training & Online Programs

Schedule Your Consultation



Small group bootcamp and HIIT classes offered 7 days a week


Classes With Chuck

M, W, F           12:30pm
Tu, Th             6:00am
Sat                 8:00am
Sun                10:00am

I have 3 objectives for our time together: Have fun, get healthy and don't quit! I'm looking forward to meeting you and watching you evolve. Trust the process & work hard, results matter. See you soon, let’s kick it off with a blast!

Unlimited Classes - $70/Month

Drop Ins - $10/Class

Learn more about Chuck by clicking here!
Contact Chuck - 


Train With Shane

Mon - Thurs       7:00pm

I specialize in weight loss, strength conditioning, and muscle growth. My classes for y’all will be what is called HIIT training -High-Intensity Interval Training. I hope y’all are ready and full of energy & fun! Can’t wait to see you in class! 

Unlimited Classes - $180/Month

Drop Ins - $20/Class

Learn more about Shane by clicking here
Contact Shane - 

Classes are ran and organized by each individual trainer. Payment due directly to trainers. To use the gym before, after or in between classes you must purchase a "Clients" membership. Click HERE for rates. 

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